Saturday, September 09, 2006

Natalie and Alan

Well, today Natalie, Alan, Jo Ann and I all went shopping. We went to the outlets and to the Halloween SPIRIT store. It was fun, they had a lot of cool things in there. They had this skeleton-like grim reaper thing that would slide across the floor and bump into things and turn around and move again when something walked in front of it. It was kinda scary so I was trying to keep an eye on it. I knew it was behind me...and Jo Ann told me it was there, but when I looked over my shoulder ...AHRHHHAHAH!!!!! I jumped 3 feet off the floor, even the dude working there laughed at me.

From then on the kids were even more freaked out in there. There are some scary things, heads, skeletons and creepy brides hanging from the ceiling. Natalie made me hold her a few times, and when we left she shouted out, "I don't like scary things!!!"

We liked this pic of Alan, his facial expression was tooooo funny!

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