Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept 15th - 5 years - WHoohoo!!

Well, next Friday is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Kinda cool it really doesn't seem like 5 years, we have actually been together 9 years. Wow, unfortunately this year we don't have any money to go anywhere again! But hopefully we can do dinner or something to commemorate the occasion. We have been really blessed over the years and I have to hang on to the notion of "everything happens for a reason."

We are accepting donations and gifts. :) Just kiddin' These Ethel M chocolates sure look good, I wish we had a store out here. I usually pick up a box or two at the Las Vegas airport, but not this year. Gee I sure am itchin to go to Vegas, any takers?

Kinda hard for me to title my posts because I tend to "tangent." That is how I feel when I type here, that is the way it is. Read the title and you get more than you expected. :) Not a bad thing, right?

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