Sunday, September 24, 2006

We finally made it!

Texas Roadhouse baby! Tony, Natalie and I finally made it. It was the first week this place was open and it was PACKED! We did the 'call ahead' thingy and called from home, waited 30 min, then checked in at the restaurant and got called 10 min later. It worked out really great. Looked like people had been waiting there for over an hour.

Natalie seems to enjoy it too. She liked playing with the peanuts. Tony likes eating them too. They gave us some fresh baked bread with cinnamon butter and it was awesome, tasted like a donut it was so sweet! I had a salad first and the ranch dressing was so fresh, it was really thick. I ordered prime rib and tony got the ribs, he said they were ok, but not as good as my Dads ribs!!! Oh ya! Natalie got these really cool chicken strips, she didn't like em, but I did. They were dipped in the same stuff the awesome blossom is and it was light, flaky and tasty!

We did have a rookie waiter tho, he was a little slow with things, but we were trying to cut him some slack because it was the first week open. He did bring Natalie some extra cherries. She loves to eat those things. :) Whoohooo!! I am sure it will slow down in a few weeks, whoever opened that place is guaranteed success!!!

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