Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dream Dream Dream

Ok, call me crazy, but the new CRV sure looks good. I love to go to the honda website because you can build and price your own car. I added everything I would want, the spoiler, the fog lights, and the sunroof visor. I like to drive with the sunroof open, but it makes a lot of noise. The sunroof visor pushes the air UP. Kinda cool. So, maybe one in the Esca? trade in my car? who knows what the future holds....

One thing I love to do is dream about things to come. I am always excited about the future and wonder about what tomorrow will bring. I often feel like I am waiting....waiting for things to happen and I am trying to learn (not doing well as you can see the yearning for this car above) to live in the moment with what I have. Why do we all want stuff? Stuff is really overrated, but for some reason, it helps. It brings about the excitement of something new. That is my thought anyway. So today is today and tomorrow is the unknown.

Did you hear about the Scrapbooker of the Year? Can you believe it? You gotta read the press release, she won TONS of stuff including a two-year agreement to represent Creating Keepsakes at upcoming events. Interesting. Seems good, I am happy for her. Just a little indifferent about contests. We scrap for your families and lives. I don't really think competition is good in this industry. But for CD, I bet it is great.

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