Saturday, October 28, 2006

Natalie's World - her view

Wow talk about creative confidence. Natalie was shooting pictures with my camera today and dang, some of these came out pretty good.
I was cracking up when I saw this close up of her face, you can tell she is smiling, just didn't quite get the full face. But, that is what is too cool about it. ~CRAZY EYES~
Here are a few more. The world from Natalie's point of view.

Glad she found this sticker, I need to take it to our 15 year high school reunion next year and stick it on someone's back. Remember this Anne?

Pretty good lighting and framing of the subject in this one. Eh?

See her feet??

She took a few of her toys, put them on her lap, and took pictures of them...and her. So darn cute!

Note: none of these images have been 'photoshopped.' These are all the raw creations of the great Natalie-poo.

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