Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Resigned Today

Today was another day in my "life plan." I have resigned from my current position to start another job with amazing opportunity and growth. I have been at my current job for about 15 months and decided (my second day there) that this was not the industry for me. I needed to get back to the techy world and be a part of something bigger and faster and better.

I've accepted my new position as Curriculum Manager and today I announced that I am resigning. If I could only write the details of the day, I would, but this blog is 'public' sooooo. Teheheheeee So anyways, overall, it was a good day. I start my new venture Monday 11/27, please send well wishes and good thoughts my way.

BTW, the comments are open to ANYONE, so please, be my guest, and comment. See it right there, right down there, ya, there, click it, type and you're done.