Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feeling Groovy!

Wow, what a rush feeling good is. Job is good, family is good, I am good, so that makes me feel balanced and happy. When I get home at night I am energized to hang out with family and do what Natalie wants me to do.
"look at the presents"
Every night about 3 times, she just wants to sit in front of the tree and talk about who the presents are for.
Oh gotta post a pic of my tree, the biggest yet, 9ft tall. The cats love it too :)~ Tony is replacing bulbs like crazy so he is good for that sorta maintenance.

Hey, I am taking a Donna class (Portfolio Album) and an Ali class (Perspective) at Youngplay Memories in Tracy in Jan and Feb. Totally excited about this, join me if you can, she can hold 100 people in each class. Still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Good for her $, but then we get a less personal experience with Donna/Ali. I am going to bring my books to get an autograph and a camera to get photos with these ladies, LOVE EM!

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