Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

**Look at the photo of Natalie going down the slide, cute eh?, anyways...can you see that tiny circle in the top left hand corner?? That is an official orb, or I like to call them...her angels. I get these in pictures all the time....glad to share!

My dad had an event at LARPD to showcase all of the programs and the fun that goes on there! Natalie and I went and the whole family was there too!
We had a great time, doing crafts, hanging out with the clown and the biggest attraction was the huge jumpers! Natalie and Jadyn went on these over and over again!! whoohooO!!! Then after went to Chili's and dad met us htere, way cool day, good family stuff!! Meanwhile, back at the house, Tony completed his movie and sent it off to On The Lot. We are rootin' for him!!!!

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