Friday, June 15, 2007

June 13th and Swim Lessons!

June 13th we took Natalie to Chilis for her b-day. She wanted them to sing, but when they did she said she wanted to hide. :( It was kinda funny! Plus, she would not take off her goggles, so it was all a hilarious night.

Another celebration = Tony got his braces off!!! Alright Tony! After 4 years and finally getting braces to fix his teeth, they are beautiful!

Swim Lessons started again and Natalie is the bad girl of the group! She hangs out by the edge of the pool and pulls in all the toys. She really likes the kickboards, gotta get her some for Uncle Sean's pool! It is also a struggle when there are cry babies in the class and the moms sit right at the side of the pool for the kids to cry to, so the instructor's focus is on them more than the comfortable kids. But it is great for her to get in the water and learn more stuff!

All the parents think she is so cute in her towel, she instantly becomes a princess.

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