Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Well, Sunday night, or should I say Monday morning, we got back from Vegas. Tony's sister Tammy got married. It was a great trip and I think Natalie really enjoyed herself.
This is her eating her waffle at the Paris hotel buffet!!! Yumerooo! Best buffet in Vegas!

And of course, sitting by the pool. Although she didn't do much sitting, she was in the pool for hours!

M&M World! Natalie got to make her own special bag of M&M's. She picked the colors and I filled the bag. Oh and Mom, do you notice what is on her back? She took that cat backpack everywhere with her.

And here she is, the Flower Girl. She did a great job as flower girl, she was given direction on what to do and she executed with grace and perfection. Well, she is MY daughter!

Good stuff!

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