Friday, August 24, 2007

Bowls Bowls oh Beautiful Bowls

Lunch today was some popcorn and an orange. Doesn't food taste better when it looks pretty? Well, I decided to put my orange in this beautiful green bowl. Wow, what a beauty.
These bowls were an impulse buy at Starbucks this week. I have seen these lil ice cream bowls (4 palm-sized bowls in red, blue, green and yellow) over and over again and they are selling out fast. I am thinking they are a summer item and once gone, they will not be back! So I had to get 'em! Even better, they came with Starbucks FREE quart of ice cream coupon, whoohoo Java Chip for me, I'll be getting that this weekend.
There is just something about bowls, maybe because they are so functional, I like functional in every meaning of the word.

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