Friday, August 10, 2007

Jelly Belly Factory

Well, we couldn't take photos inside the tour, so here are the photos I took before we got in. As soon as we walked into the building, the dude told us to go to the back of the line and WHEW that line was long. We waited about 1.5 hours and the kids actually did great waiting, that can be hard on 4 year olds.

The tour...well it was ok, but we just didn't see any jelly beans. LOL We were laughing about that. There were all of these conveyer-belts and no candy, and prob about 3 people down there. We went in a circle, watched videos on how things work, and then given free candy. WHoohoo for the free candy, but it was kidna sad that there was really nothing going on in the factory. :) Overall, a good trip with great company, just not sure if I would go back! Alan and Natalie had a good time, but they always do, even if they are playing with a paper bag together!

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