Monday, October 15, 2007

My Art Journal (mon journal d'art)

I started an art journal. There is this totally cool chick named SuziBlu and she totally inspired me to create and put all of my excuses aside and just do it (for the lack of a better term).

It is the coolest thing ever. I have been feeling very stifled by the scrapbook industry these days and wasn't creating at all. I felt like I had to have the coolest product and the hottest embellishments and I said f-that.

Mon journal d'art lets me be free to create without any competition or hoping that I would be published one day. F-that! This has been great, I can look around and get inspired by just opening my eyes wider.

I purchased a moleskein book, some oil pastels, acrylic paints and some brushes and went to town. I always thought that drawing was something that you could or couldn't do, but now I am convinced that there is no one way of 'drawing' that everyong interprets it in a different way.

This was my first page.

This is from suziblu's lesson. She also has two mixed-media items on ebay.

This was...just because I always see blonde angels...what up with dat?

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