Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Tree is UP

Well, we, or should I say I, put up the tree Friday afternoon. Isn't she pretty! Just a few mishaps since then, the cats seem to think that the skirt underneath is there is to be messed up and hide under, um, no, it is decoration cats! They also pulled down one of the drapey ribbons and I thought for sure I didn't make them too long, but who knows, these cats at night are a bit crazy!

Also, Natalie seems to think that the ornaments are there for her to take down and play with, um, no, she is too silly!

Oh and I finished another painting, it is a fairy angel and it says "WISH"


hija4 said...

Are you selling your fabulous paintings at the friends holiday boutique on Dec. 15th?

David said...

A fab tree and fab paintings.

Angiepapers said...

Thanks, yes, I will have a few @ Wendy's this weekend.