Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dymo Disk Painter

This looks really cool! It is the Dymo Disk Painter, a lil 6x12 printer that prints directly on CDs and DVDs. Can print up to 600 dpi and it goes FAST too. Kinda expensice right now @ $279 retail, but it may come down soon. Maybe Costco will carry them, I'll be looking out, if you find any cheaper than this price, lemme know.

Natalie is still sick, so we will be hanging around the house today and I will be working a bit too. Oh well, holidays=sick kids.

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Jerry M said...

Angie, I can attest to the DiscPainter's value and quality. I need to print color disc labels on DVDs for my wedding/event videography business. I just got a DiscPainter and use it daily. It was very easy to follow the software and get great, crisp, color results in 60 seconds. I used to use an Epson printer to label my client's DVDs. It was cheaper but the results were unpredictable and my time spent relabeling disks was worth a lot to me. By not wasting my time with cheap disc labeling printers, my DiscPainter has already paid for its self