Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas!

Well, our christmas was great this year, I would have to say, one of the best. Best Xmas Eve, Char and I busted out mad grub! There was so much food here we were waiting for the next army of people to show up. Natalie got to hang with Kaia! The Vinyadodge was the best ever too, tasted just like Papa used to make.
So good stuff next year is going to be awesome with some very exciting adventures ahead and oh so ready for them. This is Natalie and Kaia @ our house for Xmas Eve.

Xmas morning....

She was sooooo excited to see the characters that she wanted were in her stocking.

At uncle Sean's house - she is lovin' those PEZ princesses.

Mom crying when Sean and Julie gave her the new family portraits!

Way cute, good job Sean on the frame choice.

Natalie and her buddy Nina...we stopped by Shareen's and exchanged presents.

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