Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ali's Class was Great!

Whoohooo!!! I got a picture with Ali! We had a great time at the class today. I made the book below and got to see all of the cool projects Ali has done in person. After I bought some stuff to do some of these cool projects. Good stuff!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Remember These?

My mom and I went to the Gilroy Outlets and in the Sanrio store I found this gem. I had this exact calculator and watch when I was a kid. I don't even want to take it out of the packaging because I am so excited about seeing this stuff again! Oh, and the Sanrio store has everything 50% off of the Sanrio price, so that is great too! *ahh the good old days*

This is another one of Natalie's silly photos she took of herself this morning. Gee, it sure is nice to have a weekend to hang out with the family!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


We worked on Natalie's Valentines today and we are DONE! She has a party at school Tuesday and this has been such a busy few weeks for me that I know I won't have time tomorrow to do 'em, so we did them tonight. She has Spongebob cards to hand out but we made these cute lil treats for the kids. Like 'em? I started them a few weeks ago, getting the fry holders done, then bought the candy today and put it all together. I am happy with the way they came out! Love this stuff, I can't wait for elementary school!

Natalie {rock star}

Tony got Natalie and I Guitar Hero for Valentines..and we are having a ball!! While Tony or I play, Natalie gets out her guitar and mic and plays along with us, it is too cool. She really gets into it!!! You gotta try it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy Day, Busy Week!

What would I do without my coffee? There is something about the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. It means that the day has officially started. Busy week this week, tight deadlines and I have to get Natalie's Valentines done this weekend. I'll post a photo when we are done. They are going to be cute.

So, Ali asks....Do you have a personal creative manifesto? in her last newsletter. I think I am going to work on this one. She gives us lots of homework all the time, but I think that it helps people grow creatively, so I may try this out.
About a week back I sent her a link to the Crafter Manifesto, and I'd like to think that I helped inspire this weeks newsletter, but no mention of me, so who knows. I will see her Feb 24th...maybe I'll ask.
tehehheeehhe :)