Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun Fun Fun

**Look at the photo of Natalie going down the slide, cute eh?, anyways...can you see that tiny circle in the top left hand corner?? That is an official orb, or I like to call them...her angels. I get these in pictures all the time....glad to share!

My dad had an event at LARPD to showcase all of the programs and the fun that goes on there! Natalie and I went and the whole family was there too!
We had a great time, doing crafts, hanging out with the clown and the biggest attraction was the huge jumpers! Natalie and Jadyn went on these over and over again!! whoohooO!!! Then after went to Chili's and dad met us htere, way cool day, good family stuff!! Meanwhile, back at the house, Tony completed his movie and sent it off to On The Lot. We are rootin' for him!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

My New Drink

Well....I have been trying out new low-fat/calorie options at Starbucks, and have finally found my drink. It is a Cinnamon Dolce Latte with 2% milk and sugar free syrup (3pts). I picked this up yesterday and it was delicious. I just don't like the drinks with non-fat milk, it leaves a strange aftertaste. Do you agree?
And of course, Natalie got her "kids hot chocolate." She absolutely loves that stuff. It is the perfect temp and she and drink it as soon as she gets it. WHoohoo!! I guess I have already started branding for Natalie. When she thinks of hot chocolate, she will think of Starbucks. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Old Friends are the Best Kind of Friends

Jennifer was home and when she comes home, she brings everyone together. It is really a great feeling to connect with friends from first grade (Anne) and high school. We talked about who is where and who is doing what. Reminiscing was something I did a lot of on Friday. It makes me happy and feel lucky about my upbringing and my blessed life I live. None of us turned out bad or turned into criminals (well, maybe some run from the cops now and then) but overall we were, and are, a great group of kids, now adults. Our 15 year high school reunion is this year too, so we talked about what and where we want to have it. Jennifer may be coming back in the summertime, for the reunion!

It was also great to see Pete, BJ and Steve. The dudes!

Well, again today, I feel lucky for what I have done and where I have been and proud of those who have also succeeded and gone on to become loving and cherished adults.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sick Today

I am home sick today. Natalie gets sick and gets Tony and I sick. Yucko!
Weighed in today at WW, down 5.8 lbs. WHOHHOO! Totally excited about that. It motivates me to keep going when I loose that much. So that helped me feel a bit better today.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Donna and ME!!

Too cool! It is Donna and Me! I am such a big fan of that lady, she is even better in person. You almost think that you know someone because you read their blog every day, but when you meet that person, you kinda expect them to be what you imagined in your mind. Well, it is always different. Next month, Ali. WHOOO~
She signed my book, her book, well my book, you get it right?

Here is Donna talking about the 'penis' drill. She was too funny explaining how to use it.

Class Tonight

So excited, tonight I have a class with Donna Downey, one of my fav scrapbookers ever! I am getting all packed up and ready to go. Of course I have to go to Michaels before I go tonight, but totally excited about it.
I'll post photos when I can!!!
My goal is to get one with Donna and me!!!