Sunday, September 24, 2006

We finally made it!

Texas Roadhouse baby! Tony, Natalie and I finally made it. It was the first week this place was open and it was PACKED! We did the 'call ahead' thingy and called from home, waited 30 min, then checked in at the restaurant and got called 10 min later. It worked out really great. Looked like people had been waiting there for over an hour.

Natalie seems to enjoy it too. She liked playing with the peanuts. Tony likes eating them too. They gave us some fresh baked bread with cinnamon butter and it was awesome, tasted like a donut it was so sweet! I had a salad first and the ranch dressing was so fresh, it was really thick. I ordered prime rib and tony got the ribs, he said they were ok, but not as good as my Dads ribs!!! Oh ya! Natalie got these really cool chicken strips, she didn't like em, but I did. They were dipped in the same stuff the awesome blossom is and it was light, flaky and tasty!

We did have a rookie waiter tho, he was a little slow with things, but we were trying to cut him some slack because it was the first week open. He did bring Natalie some extra cherries. She loves to eat those things. :) Whoohooo!! I am sure it will slow down in a few weeks, whoever opened that place is guaranteed success!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Her First Week of Preschool :)

I am amazed, what a great week for her. She is now a preschool girl. The first day was kinda hard taking her there, but Gamma was there, so it made it a bit easier. She jumped right in and is such a good girl in class, she listens to the teacher and sings and sings. She is so ready for this and really enjoys the kid-to-kid interaction.

The best part about school is that she has her cousin Jadyn is there too. As soon as Natalie saw her she gave her a big hug!!

The second day of school she went back with Gamma and she dropped her off. I knew she was in good hands and now love to hear all about her adventures at school. Today was great, Landon's Daddy came and showed the class their FIRETRUCK. Natalie got to sit in the truck and she is still telling me about it. I crack up at this pic of her and Jadyn with their hats on!!!

When I picked her up today, all she could say was, "I want to go to school again and again and again and again." We really want her to have a positive outlook in school and know that it is fun and a place to listen and learn. We will see how far that goes. :) This is a great time in her life and I am glad to share it with all of you.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Natalie and Alan

Well, today Natalie, Alan, Jo Ann and I all went shopping. We went to the outlets and to the Halloween SPIRIT store. It was fun, they had a lot of cool things in there. They had this skeleton-like grim reaper thing that would slide across the floor and bump into things and turn around and move again when something walked in front of it. It was kinda scary so I was trying to keep an eye on it. I knew it was behind me...and Jo Ann told me it was there, but when I looked over my shoulder ...AHRHHHAHAH!!!!! I jumped 3 feet off the floor, even the dude working there laughed at me.

From then on the kids were even more freaked out in there. There are some scary things, heads, skeletons and creepy brides hanging from the ceiling. Natalie made me hold her a few times, and when we left she shouted out, "I don't like scary things!!!"

We liked this pic of Alan, his facial expression was tooooo funny!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept 15th - 5 years - WHoohoo!!

Well, next Friday is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Kinda cool it really doesn't seem like 5 years, we have actually been together 9 years. Wow, unfortunately this year we don't have any money to go anywhere again! But hopefully we can do dinner or something to commemorate the occasion. We have been really blessed over the years and I have to hang on to the notion of "everything happens for a reason."

We are accepting donations and gifts. :) Just kiddin' These Ethel M chocolates sure look good, I wish we had a store out here. I usually pick up a box or two at the Las Vegas airport, but not this year. Gee I sure am itchin to go to Vegas, any takers?

Kinda hard for me to title my posts because I tend to "tangent." That is how I feel when I type here, that is the way it is. Read the title and you get more than you expected. :) Not a bad thing, right?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She is growing up so fast!

Well, tonight we have a meeting at Natalie's new preschool. Next week she starts, the 12th. I think she is going to really love it because her too cool cousin will be there too, Jadyn. She is ready to get out there and hang out with other kids. We ran into a fellow swim lesson mom at Target last weekend, and she remembered Natalie and said Hi to us, that was kinda cool, it made me feel good like we are starting to get out into the community and meet people. Good stuff.

Another day Another dollar

Monday, September 04, 2006

What? Steve Irwin Dead?

Amazing -
Can you believe it? So, Steve Irwin has died. This is terribly sad, I can't believe it. We turned on the news this morning, and there it was. I feel the so bad for Terri and wish her and the kids the best.

It makes you think about how precious life is...that things can go away as fast as they appear. Natalie and I make an effort to make wishes at night, three wishes. We wish people healthy and happy and wish for dreamy things that we want too.

Steve - you will be missed - I enjoyed your movies and shows. Thanks for the times.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tony's New Toy

Well, it was Tony's birthday on the 31st, so we got him a doo-hicky for his flash, so of course, he wanted to test it out. No prob, we are always up for photos.
These came out pretty good. Natalie was having fun with us, she likes to pose for the pictures too. (everytime I am in here with the computer, both kitties have to be in here too, esp Charlie he sits between the computer and me) So, it is Sunday and that is good, we should be able to hang out and relax today. Relax, I need that.

Two Cats are Better Than One

Amazing how two cats are truely better than one. We got Talula (<--) on my birthday July 5th and brought her home. She was kinda crazy and would attack our legs as we walked by. I had to cut her nails because Natalie and I were getting scratched all over. Then a few more trips back to Petsmart, and I noticed that her brother was still there, no one had adopted him.

Enter, Charlie.(-->) A month later he was still there, so Natalie and I decided to adopt him too. We brought him home and was a little scared at how Talula attacked him and he would meow when they were fighting. Apparently now I can tell that she was just happy to see him. He meows (talks) all the time and is the sweetest ragdoll kitty in the world. He has completely mellowed out Talula and they are the best of buds. She just attacks him and not us, score! Anywhooo, these cats are the coolest things in the world and I would recommend, if you have one, get another. Just a little more food and litter, but they are so happy to have eachother it is great!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Got it!

Ok, I finally got this right. I was working on this banner all day today and it finally worked. Ahh now it feels like me and this is the place I can just blog. Today we finally got Natalie Tyrone of the Backyardigans. He was waiting for us that Target cuz we couldn't afford him last weekend. She is carrying him around with her today, but who knows how long it will last. The average new toy time is one-tow days, so we will see.

It is Labor Day weekend, where are ya going? We enjoy hanging out so we are just gonna lay low. Ok, Tony just came in with BBQ so gotta go.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Big Brother...ok wow

This is really the best show on TV. I cannot believe they way things are going this year. Can you believe the final 4? I honestly think that Janey should win it, I mean come on, can anyone beat her in the POV compets? Maybe someone will come back in the house that was previously evicted. Why haven't we seen James go to the sequester house yet? Maybe big drama there. Maybe he is coming back. Who knows.

So what is your fall line-up?
yes: Amazing Race - Survivor - AI -
no: Grey's Anatomy - this show is so lame, I don't get it, and I have tried, I have.

Getting Started

Well, I wanted to get started on a blog. I have so many things going on these days, I kinda need an outlet, so this may be it. We have take so many good photos of the family, including the cats, these days and I wanted to share those too.

Natalie and I went to the mall a few weeks ago and took this pic. It was great fun, she was modeling. I taught her the "American Idol" move (pointing). Too cool!