Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Well, Sunday night, or should I say Monday morning, we got back from Vegas. Tony's sister Tammy got married. It was a great trip and I think Natalie really enjoyed herself.
This is her eating her waffle at the Paris hotel buffet!!! Yumerooo! Best buffet in Vegas!

And of course, sitting by the pool. Although she didn't do much sitting, she was in the pool for hours!

M&M World! Natalie got to make her own special bag of M&M's. She picked the colors and I filled the bag. Oh and Mom, do you notice what is on her back? She took that cat backpack everywhere with her.

And here she is, the Flower Girl. She did a great job as flower girl, she was given direction on what to do and she executed with grace and perfection. Well, she is MY daughter!

Good stuff!

Friday, June 15, 2007

June 13th and Swim Lessons!

June 13th we took Natalie to Chilis for her b-day. She wanted them to sing, but when they did she said she wanted to hide. :( It was kinda funny! Plus, she would not take off her goggles, so it was all a hilarious night.

Another celebration = Tony got his braces off!!! Alright Tony! After 4 years and finally getting braces to fix his teeth, they are beautiful!

Swim Lessons started again and Natalie is the bad girl of the group! She hangs out by the edge of the pool and pulls in all the toys. She really likes the kickboards, gotta get her some for Uncle Sean's pool! It is also a struggle when there are cry babies in the class and the moms sit right at the side of the pool for the kids to cry to, so the instructor's focus is on them more than the comfortable kids. But it is great for her to get in the water and learn more stuff!

All the parents think she is so cute in her towel, she instantly becomes a princess.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Natalie's 4th B-day Party

We had a great time at Natalie's Party. So, I asked Natalie what she thought of the party?

Um, it was great,
and I blowed out the candles,
and some of these (littlest pet shop characters) came and
some Shrek buddies.

Then she started talking about Disneyland, so overall, she had a good time!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Finally Did It

Upgraded my camera that is. I like Tony's Nikon D100, but an SLR can be bulky and I like to carry a camera in my purse. So here it is. I upgraded from the Canon SD200 to the SD900 and *whew* it is NICE. 10 mp really makes a difference when I am printing the 4x6s out.
Here are a few goodies I took tonight!

I tell her every day that she is tremendous!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Some New Pics

Fiddling with the camera these past few days. Just a few goodies!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Natalie's Last Day of School

Well, Natalie's last day of school was this past Thursday. They celebrated Summer Birthdays and since Natalie's is June 13th, she was celebrated. So sad I wasn't able to be there all year long, the moms seem really great! I would have loved to get to know them.

Natalie the Birthday Girl at School

Natalie and her buddy Michael! Yes, the Michael that all the girls talk about!

Natalie and her teacher MaryAnne singing "Happy Birthday to Natalie"