Friday, October 19, 2007

~Angel Cards~

These are my angel cards. Daily inspiration if you will. Every morning I ask a question in my head and pull a card.
Today, it was Balance.
My angel cards have been with me since college and are never far away. In college (1996) I made this bowl with wet clay, fired it, and painted it. It seemed the perfect place for my angel cards and to this day, they sit perfectly in the palm-sized bowl. I also aquired a moon stone at some point and put it in there too since I am a cancer and my ruler is the Moon.
Happy places = happy days.
Also, when I was putting the cards back into the bowl, one flew out. I love it when they do that, almost like it HAS to show me the word. Freedom. This is what I have been trying to acheive for a long time. Life freedom, financial freedom, artistic freedom, body-issue freedom, emotional freedom, and creative freedom.

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