Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two Cats are Better Than One

Amazing how two cats are truely better than one. We got Talula (<--) on my birthday July 5th and brought her home. She was kinda crazy and would attack our legs as we walked by. I had to cut her nails because Natalie and I were getting scratched all over. Then a few more trips back to Petsmart, and I noticed that her brother was still there, no one had adopted him.

Enter, Charlie.(-->) A month later he was still there, so Natalie and I decided to adopt him too. We brought him home and was a little scared at how Talula attacked him and he would meow when they were fighting. Apparently now I can tell that she was just happy to see him. He meows (talks) all the time and is the sweetest ragdoll kitty in the world. He has completely mellowed out Talula and they are the best of buds. She just attacks him and not us, score! Anywhooo, these cats are the coolest things in the world and I would recommend, if you have one, get another. Just a little more food and litter, but they are so happy to have eachother it is great!

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