Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are you Creatively Confident?

This is something I ponder. Ali Edwards, who I really admire, has a newsletter that comes out and in this latest issue, she talks about Creative Confidence. It helped me a lot to read this and try to let go of my walls that block me from being creative sometimes. I always want this to be perfect and that to be in the right place too. But sometimes, I just need to create. Natalie and I do projects and she gets to a point where she says...I'm done. I think....umm the top of the paper is entirely blank and she randomly placed all of the lil photos at the bottom. Then I step back and think, wow that does look great actually. She knows when she is done with something and she says, 'I'm done' with so much confidence, I need to learn from this.

I was thinking that it was a creative block-type thing going on, but it is actually moreso the push to do something bigger and better each time. Ali talks about this feeling too. If you did something and you liked it, then why not repeat it...?

The one question I do have for her is: Can design be learned? I sorta think that if you can draw, you can draw and if you can't well..you just can't. I often meet people that are 'designers' in one way or another, and they just exude a unique style, presence and aura about them. I want to get there with my creativity, but not sure how. I have some of Jim Krause's books and try to learn as much as I can about design, but is it something that you either have...or you don't?

Ok, I'm Done!

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